It’s ok!

I forgive myself for not being perfect. For not doing everything on time, for not finishing all the tasks for the day, for not being the best version of myself at all times, for not being the perfect daughter, sister, friend, or cousin. I am just a human being and I am not going to beat myself up for every failure. 

I had many successes, and I have them every day. Yes, sometimes I am a perfectionist who wants everything to be awesome in her life. But is it only me? Aren’t other people striving for perfect lives with a great family, career, success, and health?

How hard is it to do that? For me, sometimes it feels really hard. Instead of cleaning my space, digital space, and my mind – I am procrastinating and doing something more enjoyable. Because working on yourself is difficult. It’s not always enjoyable. And it’s ok. Yes, sometimes you have to force yourself to do something in order to have a better life. But if you have decided that you won’t do it – at least don’t put yourself down even more by self-judgment. You are the only person who will love you the most, and this is the reason why you should be your biggest advocate. 

I am not saying that now you should just stop doing stuff…no! Try as hard as you can to succeed in all areas of your life. However, if you fail – remember, you can make it up to yourself next time. Failures are just life lessons. Remember it…and love yourself unconditionally, with no days off.